eCUBATE is a concept initiated by Mr. Ameen-e-Mudassar and his Engineering College friends and MSWT (NGO) in the year 2005. The name eCUBATE was coined by taking the 3 ‘E’s from the tagline –Empowerment for Excellence in Exams. Its new tagline is dream. dare. do ! eCUBATE is a workshop to empower the students with the right motivation, memory skills, exam study techniques & strategies for excellence in exams. Its conducted for students appearing for board exams – Grade 10 and 12 in Schools / Colleges / Public Seminar Hall / Auditorium during December & January every year.

Mr. Ameen-e-Mudassar – CEO, CIGMA and India’s Leading Career Counsellor & Memory Expert conducts the workshop for all 4 hours. He is also joined by Top achievers and guests who also motivate & inspire the students.


  • Co-ordinate with NGOs and Schedule Workshops across India.
  • Prepare Workshop Promotion content & design (Soft Copy)
  • Help Organizers in Planning & Deliver the Workshop on the D-Day.
  • Prepare & Provide all value added material / take away for the students.
  • Take Care of Travel Expenses to the respective City.


  • Finalize Date & Venue considering exam dates & holidays
  • Raise Sponsorship of Rs.10,000/- per workshop. ( Towards CIGMA ).
  • Visit Schools / Colleges, invite the students via School HM / Principal.
  • Take Care of logistics, Stationary (Notepad, pen) & Photocopy Expenses.
  • Take Care of providing Lodging & Boarding for Team CIGMA.

Concentration Techniques

  1. Alpha State Meditation
  2. Brain Integration Exercises

Study Techniques

  1. Key Diagrams
  2. Key Words
  3. Scientific Revision Method
  4. Study Card
  5. Study Sheets

Success Techniques

  1. 212 Degree – Any Time Motivation
  2. Bruce Lee Letter

Exam Preparation Techniques

  1. 4 Levels of Practice for Success
  2. Exam Preparation – Last 3 Months
  3. Examination Hall Techniques
  4. Time Management

Memory Techniques

  1. 4 Dimensions of Memory
  2. Guided Imagination
  3. Journey Method
  4. Link Method
  5. Memory Classroom
  • Achieve relaxation and increase concentration.
  • Be active for long hours, concentrate & focus.
  • Step by Step approach in Mastering what is learnt.
  • Remove Exam Phobia. Builds Self Confidence.
  • Time Management & strategy to score more marks.
  • Prioritize everyday work, identify time wasters.
  • Explains How and why we remember ?
  • Quick way to Remember List of items or keywords.
  • Remember Key words or Key points of an answer
  • Remember Key Points & Long Answers.
  • Remember Key words, Key points & Facts.
  • Create Own Images for Long Answers.
  • Remember Long Answers & Concepts.
  • Things to do and not to do One month before exams.
  • Read, revise & recall anytime, anywhere!
  • Huge Time Saver!. Reduces Revision Time by 50%.
  • Self-Motivation Techniques to achieve Success.
  • Identify a lifelong mission and commit oneself.