Why is Aadhaar Registration Important for Scholarship Application Process? Know How to Link Aadhaar to Mobile Number in 2023

Aadhaar Led Registration System : Are you seeking a scholarship opportunity that doesn’t require an overwhelming amount of paperwork? If your response is affirmative, you’ve landed on the right page.

This article delves into the Aadhaar-led registration system, a novel initiative adopted by various organizations, including scholarship providers, to streamline and enhance the security of the scholarship application process. Furthermore, it aims to elucidate common queries related to the Aadhaar-led registration system, such as the process of linking one’s Aadhaar with their mobile number and comprehending the Aadhaar OTP (One-Time Password) procedures. The system relies on the Aadhaar number, a distinctive 12-digit identification code issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), for the purpose of verifying the identity of applicants. Under this system, prospective applicants can simply furnish their Aadhaar number, which contains their biometric and demographic particulars, to enroll for a scholarship. We encourage readers to peruse the complete article to gain insights into the significance of Aadhaar registration in the scholarship application process.

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Why the Need for an Aadhaar-led Registration System?

  • In the past, the scholarship application process was laborious and lengthy, demanding the submission of numerous documents to validate the veracity of student information.
  • The Aadhaar-led registration system has streamlined the scholarship application process by allowing students to apply using only their Aadhaar number and mobile phone number.
  • This innovative system eradicates the necessity for physical document submissions like identity and address proofs.
  • Furthermore, it contributes to the maintenance of accurate and current student data.

How to Link an Aadhaar Number to a Mobile Number?

To avail of the benefits of the Aadhaar-led registration system, the applicants need to have their mobile numbers linked to their Aadhaar number. This is because the system uses the registered mobile number to send an OTP (one-time password) for verification. In case the applicant’s mobile number is not linked to the Aadhaar number, they will not be able to receive the OTP and complete the registration process.

Here is a detailed process for linking the mobile number to the applicant’s Aadhaar number. 

Linking Mobile Number to Aadhaar

  • Visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre.
  • Bring your Aadhaar card along with a copy of your proof of identity and address.
  • Complete the Aadhaar linking form.
  • Furnish your mobile number to the Aadhaar Enrolment Officer.
  • The Aadhaar Enrolment Officer will validate your provided identity and address.
  • The Aadhaar Enrolment Officer will generate a one-time password (OTP) on the registered mobile number you provided.
  • Input the OTP on the Aadhaar Enrolment form.
  • Your submitted mobile number will then be successfully linked to your Aadhaar number.

Documents Required

  • Aadhaar card
  • Proof of identity (original for verification and copy for submission)
  • Proof of address (original for verification and copy for submission)

Please keep in mind:

  • The Aadhaar-led Registration System permits only one mobile number to be linked to an Aadhaar number.
  • If you already have a mobile number linked to your Aadhaar number, you must first unlink that number before linking a new one.

Benefits of using Aadhaar-led Registration System

The implementation of the Aadhaar-based registration system has garnered widespread approval from various scholarship platforms, owing to its numerous advantages.

  1. Convenience: The Aadhaar-based registration system offers students a hassle-free application process. Gone are the days when they had to make time-consuming trips to government offices to submit their scholarship applications. Now, students can effortlessly apply for scholarships by simply providing their Aadhaar number, eliminating the need for physical document submission.
  2. Enhanced Security: Historically, scholarship programs faced challenges with duplicate applications and ineligible recipients, primarily due to the absence of a robust system to verify student information. With the Aadhaar-based registration system, student data authenticity is instantly validated, significantly raising the bar for fraudulent attempts to secure scholarships under false pretenses.
  3. Efficiency: This system reduces the administrative burden on scholarship providers. By automating various aspects of application processing, such as the verification of student information and eligibility assessment, the Aadhaar-based registration system streamlines operations. This, in turn, allows scholarship providers to redirect their efforts towards crucial tasks like evaluating student applications and granting scholarships.
  4. Inclusivity: Even students from marginalized communities who lack access to conventional forms of identification can now participate in the scholarship application process through their Aadhaar number. This inclusive approach ensures that scholarships are awarded exclusively to deserving students, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds.

Social Impact of Aadhaar-led Registration System

The implementation of the Aadhaar-driven registration system has significantly enhanced access to scholarships, resulting in a surge in the number of students facing financial constraints when pursuing higher education.

The following instances illustrate how the Aadhaar-based registration system has streamlined the scholarship application process for students:

  1. A student hailing from a remote village in Bihar successfully applied for an engineering scholarship online, eliminating the need to undertake a journey to the nearest government office.
  2. A student belonging to a tribal community in Jharkhand seamlessly sought a scholarship for medical studies, exempt from the burdensome requirement of acquiring challenging documentation.
  3. A student from a modest-income family in Mumbai effortlessly applied for a scholarship to pursue a legal education through the online platform, receiving a swift decision on their application.

FAQs for Aadhaar Led Registration System

1. Why am I not receiving the OTP on my registered mobile number?

If you’re not receiving the OTP on your registered mobile number, please ensure that you’ve correctly entered your Aadhaar number and mobile number. Double-check that both details are accurate. If they are, we recommend checking your phone’s spam folder for the OTP message. If the OTP still hasn’t arrived, consider generating a new one and proceeding. If the issue persists, reach out to UIDAI’s support team at 1947 (toll-free) or send an email to help@uidai.gov.in for assistance.

2. Why am I receiving an invalid OTP?

Encountering an invalid OTP during Aadhaar-based registration can happen. First, ensure that you’ve entered the correct OTP as they are time-sensitive and may expire after a short time. If the OTP generation is slow due to server congestion, please be patient and try again later. For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact UIDAI’s support team at 1947 (toll-free) or email help@uidai.gov.in.

3. Why am I getting an error message stating that my Aadhaar number is already in use?

There are a few potential reasons for this error message. It could be due to an incorrect entry of your Aadhaar number, so verify it against your Aadhaar card carefully. Alternatively, your Aadhaar number might already be associated with another account or service. To pinpoint the issue, it’s best to contact the scholarship provider using the contact details provided on the official scholarship page. If they recommend UIDAI’s support, reach out at 1947 (toll-free) or email help@uidai.gov.in.

4. Why am I getting an error message saying that Aadhaar services are taking some time?

This error message indicates that the Aadhaar servers are currently experiencing high traffic or maintenance. Please try your request again later. If the issue persists for an extended period, you can contact UIDAI’s support team for assistance.

5. Why am I getting an error message saying that my mobile number is not linked to my Aadhaar number?

Receiving an error message stating that your mobile number is not linked to your Aadhaar number during the scholarship application implies that your mobile number is not registered with the Aadhaar database. You can confirm this by visiting the UIDAI website and entering your Aadhaar number. If your mobile number isn’t listed, visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre to link your mobile number to your Aadhaar. Ensure you use the same mobile number for both your linked Aadhaar card and your scholarship application to avoid this error.