Salma Memon

Salma Memon

Founder President, UMEED, Mumbai

Ms.Salma Memon, Founder – President of UMEED – A Ray of Hope for Better Tomorrow and Social Ambassador and Director of Indian Development Foundation, which is established since 3 Decades into humanitarian service towards society for Health, Education, and Development.

She is a young Social Dynamic Girl. Her Life Circumstances itself motivates her to work for Humanitarian Service. She is blessed that she is able to do a bit for the Society. she started working for the cause from the Age of 10. She is working with a leading NGO Indian Development Foundation, which is working from last 33 Years for Humanitarian Service as Social Ambassador and Director of Education Project. I have my own youth group UMEED – A Ray of Hope For Better Tomorrow which works for Orphan or one parent child for their Educational Fees, Support cancer patients, Orphan and Old Age Homes by fulfilling their need.

She completed BA in English Literature and Psychology from Bhavans College and also done Diploma in NGO Management Course from Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work. Professionally She is a Teacher in slum school I.e. Sunflower Secondary School at Jogeshwari. As She is a Social Activists associated with 14 plus NGO’s in Mumbai at various posts.She Works for Disable Handicapped People, Cancer Patients, Elderly and Orphan homes, Underprivileged Society, Women Empowerment and lots more.

She started Journey of Social Work at the age of 10, and more into social work when She lost my father in 2010.She has extensive experience in humanitarian service. After lots of humanitarian Experience, she formed her own group named as UMEED – A Ray of Hope for Better Tomorrow which works for underprivileged and orphan children to help in education, health and empowering women. UMEED aims to delete the word Underprivileged from the society and make the bright future of India by spreading smile and happiness across.

Educational Fees: Because in her life her experience says NGO’s support for Educational fees but they have Rules &criteria with a higher number of percentage and so on.So what about those who stay in Slums and no one available to guide them.So Team UMEED has taken an initiative to support such children’s, give them extra coaching. Because Education is the Best Gift which can make their life worth leaving.The year 2016-2017 we have successfully supported 312 Children’s for Educational Fees, Educational kits, nd Extra Coaching.We also Run a special centre where we teach people English Speaking, Computer trainings and much more and support them with a placement at Good Place.What happens with people is they lack in Communication, Computer skills and because of which they are not able to get good job.So to make them strong and stand on their own leg we support for the trainings and make sure for the good placement.

For dedication to Humanitarian Service towards society, she received many awards in my School, College, University, NGOs and Many Social Events. Achievements like Mother Teresa Award, Best Speaker, Best NSS leader, Best Social Ambassador, Best Social Activist, Best Social Action Award, Indian Icon Award – An Inspiring Leader for Change, Pride of the Nation award, Best Social Leader, Best Social Media Co-ordinator , Best Officer from Crime Control Research Organization and India Excellence Award at Delh, volunteer Award Top 100 Youth Leader of India and many more.